Saturday, July 9

mOm & dAd

you raise me up..
without knowing the meaning of giving up..
you gave me the life that i never have..
you love me no matter what i did to you..
you never turn back on me..

you raise me up..
with full care..
you teach me to be strong..
you always cheer me up..
when i was down and alone..
you we're always there with me..
in my heart..

you sacrifice your life..
just to give me a happy life..
if when you we're sick..
you never say you can't do it..

you teach me the meaning of love..
you told me to always be strong..
you always advice me to never give up..
you always cheers me up..
you've open my eyes so i can know the world..
you taught me too much..
i never forget for the sacrifice you did to me..
i will always pray for you both..
thanks for everything you've done for me..

created by : adli abdul rahim a.k.a jiwmer

thanks (-:

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