Monday, June 10

assalamualaikum wbt.. 
here i am, amar yazid.
new look, just a simple design, make it simple.
" belogkampungan

dear friends,

Friends ..
we often heard this word spoken by people from time to time ..
but do we understand the real meaning of this word that we say "friends" ..
what is "friend" to someone ..
is it a stranger who we just know from time to time ..
or is it a special relationship we have with someone ..

Friends ..
not only to be spoken by words ..
friends are the person who always be by our side ..
the one that we share everything with ..
the second people after our family ..
the one that we argue always with ..
the one that always teach us the meaning of life ..
how hard life could be without friends by our side ..

Friends ..
are the one who always give us good memories to remember ..
the sweet and bitter moment that we spent together ..
the moment of hardship and the meaningful memories ..
these people who always stay by our side ..
doesn't care bout the condition we went through ..
these are the people who we call "friends" ..

credits to: adli abdul rahim

some people said..

"real friends are always going to be there by your side,
even at time when you tell them to leave"

"you can remember the second, third and the fourth,
but there's no time like the first,
it is always there"

miss and love you guys :')

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